Friday, October 09, 2015

Welcome to UUM COB First Qualitative Research Conference 2012

We are pleased to inform you that College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) will be organising qualitative research conference, colloquium and workshop from 4-7 November 2012 at Hotel Seri Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The theme of the conference is: “Cultivating Qualitative Research Culture”.

The conference will provide inteacting platform for researchers and encourage network among academician and practitioners. The conference is also a venue for forum to exchange the latest ideas and developments in qualitative research. There are also various activities related to the conference (colloquium and workshop):

The colloquium for postgraduate research students which consists of presentation and interactive discussion activities related to qualitative research methods. It provides platform for postgraduates to seek input for their research progress with distinguished speaker such as Prof. Sharan Merriam and faculty members. Most importantly, it provides opportunities for postgraduates to present their proposals, setting out their research questions, research design and proposed method of data collection and analysis.

The workshop aims to encourage the establishment of qualitative research and provide knowledge to those who are interested to learn and conceive of qualitative approach. It is also aims to provide participants with fundamental element of qualitative process in order to write thesis and dissertation using qualitative approach.